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In 2016 Sail Croatia founded the non-profit organisation, Green Sail; promoting and supporting sustainable tourism in the Croatian nautical industry.

Join us on our sustainability journey as we celebrate where we started, reflect on what we’ve achieved and plan the issues we’ll tackle by 2023.

Our Journey

An ambitious couple from New Zealand and Denmark set up Sail Croatia from their lounge room.
Slowly but surely, pollution begins to increase as tourism rises at an unprecedented level in Croatia.
Sail Croatia are now in their third year of running 'Green Sail' tours; 7 day sailing vacations where guests participate in rubbish clean ups & learn about the environmental issues on the rise in Croatia.
Seeing the effects of unsustainable tourism first hand, Sail Croatia fully fund and found the Green Sail initiative, responsible for leading actions to protect and promote recycling and sustainable tourism in Croatia. Green Sail has one staff member and is supported by Sail Croatia resources.
Sail Croatia replaces free single-use plastic bottles with water coolers, encouraging clients to bring their own bottles onboard. Sail Croatia yachts feature educational materials promoting sustainability and recycling onboard. The Eco Walk Talk is launched, educating guests on sustainability in Croatia.
Green Sail becomes a registered charity & employs its second full time staff member.
Sail Croatia provides reusable, biodegradable water bottles to Active clients and launches the Foster a Floatie initiative on the Under 39’s Yacht Tour. Green Sail partnerships now influence 1,390 yachts and 33 Marinas. The next two years will see Sail Croatia and Green Sail work closely to improve sustainability on Sail Croatia Cruises.
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Key Achievements

Single use plastics

single-use plastic bottles removed from our ships through our water cooler initiative

Biodegradable water bottles

free biodegradable water bottles provided through our refillable water bottle initiative

Sustainability initiatives

hours spent on developing sustainability initiatives in the Croatian community with Green Sail

Investing in sustainability

invested in environmental sustainability

We know there is still so much to be done! By 2023, we will ensure:

Sailor Hat Icon
90% of Sail Croatia crew and onboard representatives will be Green Sail certified
Ship Icon
80% of Sail Croatia ships will incorporate sustainable actions
Straws Icon
A complete ban on plastic straws & disposable plastic cups onboard our ships
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A reduction in the purchase of single-use water bottles by 50% onboard Sail Croatia ships
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100% of Sail Croatia guests understand our sustainability policy in order to add value to our commitment
Towel Icon
A complete ban on single use plastics used for linen & towels onboard

Complex issues Green Sail will tackle before 2024 with the support of Sail Croatia:

Sustainable alternatives within the nautical industry including:
  • Sustainable alternatives within the nautical industry including:
    • Eco-designs
    • Solar panels
    • Alternative energy sources
    • Energy saving options onboard
    • Legislation surrounding single use plastics
  • Widespread, consistent recycling options nationwide
  • Blackwater waste management within the nautical industry
  • Research and implementation of eco-cleaning products within the nautical industry

The sustainable journey of a Sail Croatia guest:

By 2023, we aim to operate within a circular model of sustainability - which of course includes our guests journey with us!
Books a trip
1. Books a trip to Croatia
Thanks to informative materials on Sail Croatia’s website and pre-departure documents, guests learn how to become a environmentally sustainable traveller before they go on a cruise.
Flys to Croatia
2. Flys to Croatia
Environmentally informed guests are more likely to be responsible when travelling, offsetting their flight emissions and choosing modes of transport with the lowest environmental impact.
Sails Croatia
3. Sails Croatia
Our onboard crew members and Tour Managers will be up to speed on what we’ve achieved, what we’re working on and what’s to come, happily informing guests on how to get involved in our sustainability journey! We strongly encourage cross-cultural learning, so have a chat with your crew once you’re onboard!
Cleans Croatia
4. Gives Back to the Community
Guests can sign up to an Eco minded Walking Tour, join a Beach Clean Up or volunteer their time to Green Sail before, during or after their cruise! Environmentally aware tourists increase the demand for action at an individual (i.e. reducing single-use plastics) and government (legislation) level.
Flys home
5. Flys home
At the end of their Sail Croatia Cruise, guests are informed, inspired and ready to take their knowledge back to their home country, spreading the word on sustainability!

How do we achieve all of this?

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Client Education
Ship Icon
Crew Education
Straws Icon
Conversation Sarters
Water Bottle Icon
Eco Walk Talk
People Icon
Beach Clean Ups
Towel Icon
Informative Educational Material

Experience a Sail Croatia Cruise and join us on our sustainability journey! To stay up to date with Green Sail’s initiatives, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Illustrations by Georgia Camden