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Last updated 04 June 2024

Should I Sail Croatia or Hop the Greek Islands?

Should I Sail Croatia or Hop the Greek Islands?

A Sail Croatia Navigator Cruise and Med Experience Greek Island Hopping Tour have vast similarities, however they are both unique and epic in their own right!

The age old battle of cruising the Croatian coastline or exploring the Greek Islands is a decision that causes stress for a lot of travellers! Of course, our suggestion is simply to do them both, after all, the European summer is all about indulging and exploring as much as possible! If you can’t manage to tick them both off your bucket list in one trip, we’ve outlined the similarities and differences below to help make your decision an easy one!

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Navigator Cruises all fall within a 7 day cruising itinerary (Return or One Way routes, starting in Split or Dubrovnik), except for exclusive shorter cruises, which can be found within the Sail Croatia Specials. Greek Island Hopping Tours can be completed in an 11 day itinerary, starting and finishing in Athens, or a shorter 9 day itinerary, starting in Santorini and ending in Mykonos. If timing is a factor, you’ll be able to complete a Navigator Cruise or Greek Island Hopping Tour in just over a week.

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Inclusions don’t vary dramatically between a Navigator Cruise and a Greek Island Hopping Tour. There is only one main difference between the two options; lunch. A 3-course lunch is included daily on Navigator Cruises which usually consists of a starter, main and desert. On the Greek Islands you’re left to fend for yourself at lunch time, meaning you can budget between 3 Euro gyros, or authentic Greek feasts daily, fitting in to every budget!

Inclusions Navigator Cruise Greek Island Hopping Tour
Accommodation Yes Yes
Breakfast Yes Yes
Lunch Yes No
Transport between destinations Yes Yes
Tour Manager Yes Yes
Wifi Yes Yes*
Optional Activities Yes Yes

*Wi-Fi is included at Athens, Santorini and Paros accommodation, and available at an additional cost in Ios and Mykonos.

Transport between destinations

A key difference in each of these experiences is how you will travel between each destination. Onboard a Navigator Cruise, your ship is your home for the week, meaning you will eat, sleep, party and repeat daily for 7 days, sailing between each destination during the day and anchoring in a port by the early afternoon.

Greek Island hoppers use comfortable and efficient ferries to get between each of the islands. If the thought of keeping track of ferry tickets and sticking to schedules with a hangover makes you cringe, never fear, your Tour Manager will take care of this for you!

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Each experience is exactly what you make of it and a whole lot of fun! On a Navigator Cruise you can expect to be living with between 20 and 30 like-minded travellers for seven days. The beauty of a Navigator Cruise is that you can select the ship type that suits your preferred experience! Standard ships are party central and perfect for those travellers who are looking for a good time on a budget. On the other end of the spectrum are Premier Plus ships and VIP Cruises, which are more spacious and come complete with the creature comforts of air-conditioning and ensuite bathrooms.

Accommodation in the Greek Islands is in small hotels and boutique hostels, staying in air-conditioned dorm style accommodation. All hotels and hostels are complete with swimming pools (or are a stone’s throw away from the beach), as well as epic common areas to lounge, party, or relax in. Dorms are usually shared with no more than 6 travellers and the Greek Island Hopping Tours have an average of around 20-30 travellers per tour.

For those looking for a little more privacy, both Navigator Cruises and Greek Island Hopping Tours have the option to upgrade your accommodation if you would prefer, at an additional cost (i.e. a cabin to yourself on a Navigator Cruise or a private twin on a Greek Island Hopping Tour).

Greek Islands


Caught between choosing a Greek Island Hopping Tour or a Navigator Cruise? Both adventures offer an unforgettable Mediterranean experience however the choice comes down to the length of your holiday and budget. These can be quite similar in price depending on when you’re travelling and what ship type you’re after. Cruise with Sail Croatia for 7 days, or hop the Greek Islands for 9 or 11 days. If the budget's a bit tight, opt for a Standard Ship on your Navigator Cruise, or if you’re looking for the maximum experience, you can’t beat a Navigator Cruise on a Premier Ship, combined with an 11 day Greek Island Hopping tour!

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Can you really compare the Greek Islands and Croatia? Both equally impressive, beautiful and cheap to travel through... there aren't many other places in the world where we'd rather be!

Past Sail Croatia travellers have highlighted nightclubs inside a castle, the family atmosphere onboard their ship and crazy beach parties as some of their favourite memories on a Navigator Cruise, whilst previous Greek Island Hoppers have told tales of partying ‘till dawn at super clubs in Mykonos, learning to Greek dance with locals and swimming in the azure waters of Paros.

Sunsets over Santorini vs sunsets from the Hvar fortress? Pub Crawls in Ios vs Pirate Night in Makarksa? They’re impossible to compare, and even harder to forget once they’ve been experienced! So, what’s our advice? Save yourself the FOMO and book onto both this summer!

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